Summer Programme 2022


Participants  join  any  of  these  visits  on  the  understanding  that  in  public places,  neither  the  Society  nor  our  guides  can  accept  any  liability  for injuries  incurred.  Particularly when outdoors, participants are responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and those in their care (e.g. children). Please take note of any safety-related information given below and/or at the visits.


Although Covid restrictions have now been lifted, we ask that members follow any precautionary measures venues may still have in place (social distancing, masks etc). 


Sunday, August 28th (1pm) – Guided Tour of Cheadle


This free guided tour of the town centre will last around an hour and will be led by members of the committee. The tour will start at the bottom of Greyhound Walk. 


Details of the society’s winter programme will be given out at the end of the tour, to encourage new members to join the society in September.

Spaces on the tour are limited, please contact our secretary to book spaces (contact details below).


Unless indicated otherwise, non-members are welcome to join us on paying any relevant fees.  If you require  transport  to  any  of  the  above  meetings,  please  make  arrangements  with  other  members  of  the Society. 


For further information, contact our Secretary Gordon Sutcliffe by telephone on 07887 691 893, or via e-mail (